ENGAGE: Enabling the next generation of computational physicists and engineers

Advanced, high-performance computing and adapted, smart approaches to data analysis are now critical strategic enablers for opening horizons for scientific discovery and innovative engineering applications, enhancing European competitiveness and supporting the digitalization of society. Whether discovering new Physics or engineering new materials, advanced computing technologies allow us to exploit unprecedented large-scale simulations and complex data to gain deep insights into new phenomena and structures and provide usable results having widespread impact.

The rapid development of high-performance computing (HPC), data science approaches, such as machine and deep learning, and the emerging field of quantum computing, have the power to transform the way research is carried out across disciplines. Properly exploited, they can offer immense, possibly revolutionary opportunities for scientific discovery in a wide range of research areas such as physics, engineering, and material and biological sciences and can potentially deliver enormous societal impact. However, to effectively take advantage of these technologies, a new generation of scientists and engineers is required that is able to understand computer technologies, modelling and algorithms and, importantly, how to apply them to solve challenges in science and engineering.

The project “Enabling the next generation of computational physicists and engineers” (ENGAGE) is an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and multi-institutional project offering quality training to a total of 20 doctoral students in the fields of Computational High Energy Physics, Multiscale Systems and Synchrotron Light Applications. It aims to develop students’ competencies in High-Performance Computing, in methodologies at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science approaches and Quantum Computing.



Jul 24

ENGAGE Article: Reflections upon the responsibilities of scientists

by Matteo Masto Since the beginning of my Ph.D. research almost two years ago, I have been reflecting on the...
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Jun 24

ENGAGE organized online training event on Intellectual Property, Use and Exploitation of Software

ENGAGE organized an online training event focused on Intellectual Property, Use, and Exploitation of Software. The event featured Dr. Janine...
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Jun 24

ENGAGE Fellows participate in Science is Wonderful fair in Brussels

ENGAGE fellows Bhavna Prasad and Luis Chacon had the opportunity to participate in 'Science in Wonderful, 2024' fair by the...
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May 24

ENGAGE co-organized the Quantum Computing weeks at the University of Padua

ENGAGE fellows attended the quantum computing weeks at the University of Padua in Italy from 6th to 17th of May....
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Degree awarding institutes

The doctoral research will be carried out at the 6 ENGAGE Degree Awarding Institutions:

and the 6 ENGAGE Research Facilities

The list of supervisors in each institution can be found here

Funding and partners

The project “Enabling the next generation of computational physicists and engineers” (ENGAGE) has been selected by the European Commission as an innovative international and interdisciplinary doctoral programme in high-performance computing and smart approaches to data analysis. It is funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) COFUND scheme for a five-year period with a total amount of 3.5 million euros. In addition to 1.68 million euros from the European Union, there is co-financing from the participating partner organisations.

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